Tuesday, July 1, 2014

May the dear readers

May the dear readers let his gaze on the image to rest and tell me what he sees. This well-dressed, sympathetic young gentleman is just about to be a parody of Jürgen D. on the beach of El Arenal.


The guy with the stupid shirt is the front man of something that begins to mutate. Disappear hats, caps appear. Drummer take, guitarist from. Once nice young men with angel hair turn into a walking garbage can (one could make the same à la "Howl's Moving Castle," a movie about it). And then the clothes problem. It degenerates slowly. Dresses chronicle of horror.

Ok, the suit 98 was ok. Jaaaaaa ... the skintight leather pants in 2000 could still be called pants. If you never knew when she would say goodbye. Had the carrier yesteryear anyway a penchant for ... well ... shirts flown before.
It was followed by the purple leather jacket. That was actually ok. (Lives of actually still?) The black jackets with WuleWule hairstyle over it in my opinion were the best so far above. See Mera Luna 2000.
Somewhere in between the infamous yogurt-shirt and the "ugly shirt" ghosted through the area.

Then came 2001, the Pretty-Your-Face-Is-Going-To-Hell-phase. It looked in scruffy bohemian sense still somewhat elegant, even if the jacket was held together with various adhesive tapes. For a cult object, the jacket is certainly mutated. The red, constantly sweaty shirt and the dragon shirt anyway. Not to mention the rosary.

The jacket apparently fell but also moths (aka. moths) and fleas (aka. fleas, especially PERCY was called) victim as the hair. The then 2002/2003 disappeared under various funny little cap. This well maintained to date looking garments appeared at the head sticking. What happened in the underground - nobody knows.

Anno 2004 was followed by the somewhat indecisive Jesus sandals phase. This may be connected with "The Passion of the Christ", Newfound faith, clandestine Johnny Depp Gedouble or even with a secret contract with Pantene Pro-V, whatever. In practice, the tassels were not anyway.

Followed in 2005 - after a temporary lapse of good taste in the form of the famous pimp suit white suit - the transformation from closeted computer (the phenotype after) as the new face of L'Oréal. So saw it out anyway. Now model was announced "Womenizer". West on bare skin, a haircut from which you could do something, subtle eye makeup. Looked kind of like the male issue of Charlize Theron. Because I'm worth it. Or: The Butterfly Effect. En danse.

Ever. The suit. A sofa had to die for it. Or a curtain. Not white. Black on Black Floral Pattern in. Guess based on Coleridge's "The Sick Rose" including, dark secret love ". Leaving the jacket away, remained something about how a" young gentleman. "Almost. Discovered here Mr. V. namely that ragged red velvet and glittering curtain scarves scarves ., are a great necklace as velvet was out, 2005/2006 came indefinable Strangler black cloth, scarves, ropes, fabric remnants from the crawl box -. nobody knows it.

And now this Ville H. Kwak discovered a penchant for hideous T-shirts. A drunken duck in underpants staggers with a beer mug in hand over fancy apricot colored base. Ouch. Auuuuuuuuuaaaaaaa. The tops yogurt shirt and ugly shirt AND skintight trousers slip AND flea cap AND Müllie. I really do not know who is drunk in the picture, sorry.

I recommend strongly again a spending spree tour at Armani. The things should not later be cut and personalized scribbled but then that brings not get ...

And no, this entry is NOT suitable to be added to Hall of Fame.

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